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Your loss………… or is it? #parentalalienation

Your loss………… or is it? #parentalalienation

As an alienated parent or a parent who has been frustrated seeing your children, you will know when enough is enough. You have two choices you can either continue to battle forever or you can review the situation and decide whether the out will ever be what you or your child want.

Both choices come with their own long-term issues but you have to right to choose and implement your future path. If like me you choose to walk away as you know deep down you will never ever be allowed to have a relationship with your children. You as the targeted parent will always lose unless you have millions in the bank to throw at family court.

Family court is designed for dysfunction and chaos which in turn strips both parents financially to the point of having to self-represent as a LIP. There is absolutely no shame in walking away and even though your family and friends might try to shame you they are not walking your path. It is easy for people to judge from the outside looking in but they don’t see the daily pain your go through.

How it changes you as a person forever and you will never be the same again! Your health and mental health is just as important as the next person and most ex’s just want you to break. So they can turn around and say to court, family, and friends I told you they were unstable.

The family court does not promote healthy relationships/co-parenting as it is designed to make money and encourage dysfunction. So you can either stay in the system or come to the realisation you need to break the cycle even if it means the loss of your children.

If you choose to walk away do you be surprised you do not receive some form of contact from your ex. Asking you to then be part of your child’s life, remember before this point they were not interested in you being part of their lives. All of a sudden they are now interested, why because it creates contact with them and conflict. They cannot live without it as they are built this way from generational trauma.

Instead of breaking it, they continue it from generation to generation, which the family court absolutely loves. The contact from your ex will probably be them attacking you for losing contact and demanding you to speak to your child. No apology or accountability for their actions but they will project all of their issues onto you.

You might even get your child is beautiful, caring and intelligent and that it will be your loss if you lose contact!!!!!!!!! You will regret it in the future! Really, are we going to play this game???? Yes, this is the type of contact you will receive, again no apology or accountability just attack and try to make you feel guilty for your actions.

Even if you tell them the reason why they will not acknowledge it and tell you that you are lying and it is all in your head. What they fail to remember you have hard evidence of everything they have done over the years!

Remember it is your life and future you live it however you choose to.




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