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Why are relationships & dating so hard in 2022? #devaluingrelationsips

Why are relationships & dating so hard in 2022? #devaluingrelationsips

This subject is very close to my heart because I study people and behaviours regularly. Now, I have noticed so many people are complaining about dating and relationships all over social media. The fundamental issue with dating and relationships in 2022 is that they are devalued by mainstream media. Dating and relationships are seen as a game or something not to be taken seriously, we are constantly bombarded with poor examples of both.

Since the explosion of TV shows like Love Island, Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, Married At First Sight, Back With The Ex, Back With The Ex, First Dates, Dating: No Filter, Celebs Go Dating, The Bi Life, Flirty Dancing, Eating With My Ex. These shows are on most of the major media channel platforms and make a complete mockery of serious relationships or even marriages. This is exactly why people cannot hold a conversation or form bonds with one another because they see these shows as an example.

Then when all else fails we turn to social media and expose the truth about dating and getting ghosted on a regular basis. Traditional dating does not exist anymore and I don’t think it ever will, people have become increasingly selfish and self-centred. So, even if someone good came along with their unrealistic expectations and examples that have been given to them, no one will ever be able to match up. I would say 90% of men now in 2022 will not even approach women anymore due to extreme feminist views or scared of being called out for harassment or being some sort of sex pest.

People have become so desensitized from feelings and emotions we are heading towards a serious crisis. We are so connected to our mobiles phones and electronic devices, they have become substitutes for real human connections. The mood swings, flippant behaviours and the lack of concentration due to the relationship we have with our electronic devices are also not helping.

The good old-fashioned conversation has been replaced by social media interactions and validation of likes, views and comments. Even with that being said people still can’t see the conditioning that is happening to us with more and more people becoming increasingly lonely. With an increased risk of depression and suicide on the horizon. We really need to go back to basics, talking in person, hugging, kissing, physical touch and building bonds with one another.

If we don’t put down these devices and start physical bonds it may be too late for a large portion of society. We must also look at how the media is conditioning people to perceive what a relationship is or should be. As a society, we need to do more to promote healthy relationships, bonds and marriages. These fundamental things are to be taken seriously and not promoted as a joke or a game which we see promoted regularly on mainstream media.

We have reached the point now where people can’t even tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones!

Some of the qualities for a successful healthy relationship are empathy, compassion, morals, values, communication, trust, respect, self-awareness and the ability to know when you need to heal.


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