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We Must Stop Playing The Game!

Dads let’s face it we are battling a corrupt system hell-bent on crippling us mentally and financially. So, why do we keep playing the game? The reason why is because we love our children and will do anything for them, which in turn makes us spend spend spend. What if we stopped doing that and used our energy with the laws we already have and campaign for an official Parental Alienation law!

These government organisations have been cashing in on divorce and breakups for decades and the brunt of it comes from men. We have a gender bias problem and it needs to be fixed even if it means short time sacrifices. Under the Article 8 Human Rights Act 1998 we and anyone else with children are covered. The right to family life is and always will be a fundamental human right for all. So, when you get a Parental Alienator they are in clear breach straight away and anyone that facilitates it. During a breakup, if your ex-partner disappears with your child and not providing you with a forwarding address or even contact with your child/ren they are in breach.

The only time they can effectively breach that human right is if they have a court order/injunction to say you must stay away because you are a risk to them or the children! I can remember when my ex-partner took my daughter I was devastated and panicked. I called the police and social services for help, I will never forget those phone calls. I was met with hostility from both sides saying to me there is nothing they can do, you must get a solicitor and go to court (they want us to play the game) and they ended with they don’t have to give you a forwarding address. Ahhhhh, that is technically wrong if you don’t have a court order issued against you. Under Article 8 Human Rights Act 1998 YES THEY DO have to provide you with a forwarding address and contact with your children.

If you read Article 8 the right to family life it is all there in black and white, so why do people continue to breach it? Probably because no one is really pushing to enforce it because it will open a can of worms for government organisations that facilitate the breaches. It is easier to ignore it or true to confuse the person/s into thinking it is not a breach and what they are doing is legal. You’re probably thinking so how to a lodge a complaint then on a human rights breach. Please read this article on taking action about human rights

If we don’t stop propping up these organisations financially things will never change, we have rights and we must start exercising them. Also, seeing the whole fiasco with Brexit we may also have a chance of raising our concerns to how the court’s works

Due to the devastating effects of breakups and divorces have on fathers we must compose ourselves with an action plan that works. Make your formal complaints where necessary but you also need to think of a long-term solution as most we get offered are short-term and cost us a lot of money.

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