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Understand the choices you make for yourself & your children

Understand the choices you make for yourself & your children

When targeted parents get older they no longer feel the need to keep fighting to see their children they will realise that the more they do it the more the alienator will create conflict. Going through a separation or divorce is hard enough and I cannot understand this mentality of “if you don’t want to be with me then you don’t want to see your children” this is a common theme among some women. As they cannot understand it was also their contribution to the separation as it is easier to blame the man for all of their issues.

That’s when we get the whole deadbeat father syndrome, he does not want to contribute, he is not there for his children and he is the most horrible person in the world! This is always one side of the story, fathers never get to tell theirs as they are vilified and ostracised by everyone because they have had enough and refuse to put their children through this situation anymore.

It’s so easy to blame men/fathers for everything that goes wrong in the world but a father’s love is no less than mothers. We must battle constant bias, laws, courts, government organisations and law enforcement just to see our children. This is not a one-off this is daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. So when a father says enough is enough and does one of two things either takes his own life from a broken heart of missing his children or walks away for his health and mental health. What decision would you take?

Targeted parents get no support to try and see their children, no laws or government organisations to support them. We have a broken society and do not value family values or lifestyles which can be seen by the media and companies you work for. One person cannot fix this broken system and too many good loving fathers lose out on a loving relationship with their children.

If you want an opinion on someone that walks away, please walk a mile in their shoes first. Understand the daily pain and heartache of not seeing your child whereby the alienator can work with impunity from anyone. Even their family and friends won’t call out their behaviour to the point of encouraging it! That is the real issue within today’s society men have to be accountable for everything we do but women don’t!

To all those loving fathers reading this I genuinely feel your pain and understand what you are going through. Always prioritise your health no matter what, self-love is essential for a happier life.

Law professionals and associated services should never use the phrase “the best interest of the child” it does not exist and should be removed from law!


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