Truth Hurts Podcast S1 Ep1 – Family Court & Associated Services

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Truth Hurts Podcast S1 Ep1 – Family Court & Associated Services  Mark Sheppard speaks to Debi, Steve, Matt and Paul about Family Court  & Associated Services. The decisions they make and what solutions  can be implemented to keep families out of Family Court. Someone who has  never been in family court or used the services that come with it will  never fully understand the experience and how traumatising it can be.  
Not just for the parent that goes through it but the long-term impact it  has on the child whereby the time they spend with a parent is dictated  by a court order. The resident parent will use the child and court order  to limit time with the other loving parent providing no flexibility for  the child’s time. This can be seen as coercive control over the  non-resident parent but very rarely gets reported to the police or  professional services.  
We need early intervention strategies and long-term support for families  if we ever want to see a reduction of family court applications!

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