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Toxic, Narcissistic, Abusive, Trolling & Slanderous Behaviour

I think it is time we spoke about the Parental Alienation Community as a whole as I think within our mission for change we have forgotten what we have been fighting for. First and foremost I want to say a big thank you to the activists and organisations that have remained professional throughout their campaigning and awareness. This is very important to remain this way as it is and can be very easy to be drawn into someone else’s toxic and slanderous behaviour.

We must unite and call out people that behave this way as it does not help the cause or the Parental Alienation Community as a whole. Certain Facebook groups have formed to do one thing and one thing only that is to pray on the vulnerable and exploit them. They have used these people’s vulnerabilities to do some very dangerous things which in the end can land them in prison and not the person who is making them do these things! Do they think if they continue behaving and doing the things they are doing that the person who manipulated them in the first place will visit or help them?

I call these people these people “flying monkeys” or “minions” unfortunately these are people that can’t think for themselves and need someone to lead or tell them what to do in life. These same people know what they are doing is wrong but they feel if they please the person they are doing it for it will make them like them more. This behaviour is called “grooming” yes I said it, the person you think you are helping is actually grooming you.

So, what is Grooming?

“Grooming is the predatory act of manoeuvring another individual into a position that makes them more isolated, dependent, likely to trust, and more vulnerable to abusive behaviour. The goal is to prepare the other person for abuse (for example sexual or financial) at a later time.

I have highlighted two keywords above with the person or persons within these groups making the vulnerable people dependent and trust them into doing things they would not normally do. This is very dangerous and can have dire consequences for the people involved. I myself will not tolerate any toxic, narcissistic, abusive, trolling & slanderous behaviour. I will start calling these people out and listing them all over the internet if they don’t stop it.

If you support any activists or organisations with regards to Parental Alienation please make sure you do your homework on who is running and who is involved within them. Some really good people are thinking about stopping there campaigning based on the behaviours of others and this is wrong and makes me very angry. Do not stop the good work you do but name and shame these people backed up with real evidence to show what they are doing to you!


If we cannot work directly together then we must work in unison/collaborate in order to make a change. So many wonderful people and organisations doing great work for PA, please do not stop and find the strength to carry on. Sending love, peace and strength your way.


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