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Time For Change & Lets Change the Narrative

Time For Change & Lets Change the Narrative

I have been working extremely hard in the background as I believe the only way, we can make a real difference is to create real change. With that thought in mind, that is what I am determined to do, I am tired of the ineffective services pretending to help families when their motives are strictly money-related. I want an organisation that is not interested in profit but who wants to make a real difference and help people. There is nothing worse than reading all this fake propaganda on social media that these organisations are winning awards for splitting up families.

Organisations profiting from poverty, financial abuse of parents and forcing people into homelessness and bankruptcy. Can someone explain how this is helping parents and the children involved? It is not and I refuse to put up with it anymore and have decided to start my organisation that will address these issues and work for the families and not for figures and bank balances. That is why I created my own CIC as I want all the money made to be reinvested within the organisation and not lining people’s pockets. We need to start supporting our communities and not be draining them and taking people’s livelihoods.

This is not something I can do on my own unfortunately and need your help and support with this. This organisation is not for me but you the average hardworking person that needs help and support when you need it. To have an organisation that truly understands what you are going through and not just ticking boxes to close your case or cash in on your misfortune. This is a very ambitious project with some fantastic and innovative ideas that can shape the future of our families for the better.

Sometimes waiting for change is not an option, when you see the pain in parents and children’s eyes. You have to make a decision are you happy to allow this to continue or are you going to stand up and try and create change. If you feel as passionate as I do about making a difference then I would appreciate it if you could donate to my organisation and help us make a difference.

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