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The Separation Files Coming Soon

The Separation Files Coming Soon

I am proud to announce the first trailer of The Separation Files which has now been uploaded on our YouTube Channel. What are The Separation Files? The Separation Files is a documentary series that follows the lives of the general public who have been impacted by Divorce, Separation, Family Court, Social Services, CAFCASS, Child Maintenance Services and Parental Alienation.

Why do these issues need awareness?

The reason why these issues need more awareness is that they have been a taboo subject far too long and people must stop suffering in silence. Everyone organisation is meant to be held accountable for their actions and I think far too many have gone under the radar. People, families, children and extended family have been silenced for standing up for what they believe in.

We must report, we must speak out and most importantly create change for those who have been suffering in silence and those who have passed or developed health issues because of it.

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