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The End is Near & Truly an End of an Era #parentalalienation

The End is Near & Truly an End of an Era

As most of you may or may not know my journey with the family court started approximately 12 years ago. An unnecessary process which I had to start because I decided I did not want to be with my ex-partner. She was hurt and upset by that and decided to make my life hell for wanting to take responsibility for my beautiful daughter. It was a long and painful process which took its toll on me mentally and physically.

Then it happened to me a second time in 2015, after finding out my ex-partner was cheating on me I called it quits with her but not with my daughter. She also took it upon herself to punish me for not wanting to be with her, due to the fact of what she had done. Makes sense, you ruin the relationship and punish the innocent party for your misdeeds. Does that make sense to you?

Anyway, my life, career and businesses have all suffered which includes my health and well-being. I can’t remember the last time I smiled or had fun or did anything for myself. All I do is support people and my family, the time has come to call it all a day. I now need to live my life as much as I physically can and look at making a fresh start somewhere.

My kids will always know how much I love them and I just wish things could have been different for them. They will never really know who their father was because I have been erased from their lives. I am tired of fighting to see them and have a normal relationship with them. When I used to see my eldest I honestly felt I was being watched because she was brainwashed by her mother to watch everything I do or say and report back. That is not a healthy relationship to have with your child, so I made the decision to stop it.

The damage which has been done to my children is clear to see I fought so hard to reduce it, even trying to stop it altogether but I failed. I failed because the system failed me and my beautiful children, I will forever hold Family Court, Judges, Social Services, CAFCASS, CMS and the other services who were involved fully responsible for the damage they have done to me and my children.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of parents navigate the Family Court process to be met with the same BS I did when going through the same court process. It’s a failed system which breaks families and the parents who fight for the right to have a relationship with their own children. How dare you tell safe loving parents that they cannot see their child as much as they want to. It’s disgraceful and anyone that authorises that should be immediately sacked.

I have a few more cases I am working on that I need to top and tail, once I have completed them I will be officially retiring from the Family Court and Advocacy space. I will be leaving it in the capable hands of the fantastic groups and advocates out there. Parental Alienation is real and abuse and anyone that does it should face the full punishment of the law.

To my beautiful daughters, I love you with all of my heart and am deeply sorry for what you have gone through. I had so many plans for you both to be well-educated, level-headed, beautiful and strong women to make your mark on this world in a positive way. I hope even with everything you have or will go through that you will still be able to do so. Signing Out!

Love Daddy xxxxxxx

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  1. Dear Mark,

    I know how much you fought and the time and energy you gave just to be able to see your daughters. The mothers of these girls should be ashamed that they used their children as a weapon against you.

    Can’t understand that if the issue is between the mother and father then sort it out, don’t bring the children into it and rob them of a relationship with the other parent, it’s so unfair and damages the children when it didn’t need to.

    Yes the system failed in this situation but, I also blame the mothers who kept their child away from a loving father who would have given his children the world.

    So sorry that you had to walk away Mark just so you could maintain your physical and mental health. I only hope that one day your children find out the truth and realise that they were brainwashed and kept away from a father whose only fight was to be able to see his two girls which I know he really loved.

    I know how hard you fought Mark and the determination you had as well as the support you gave to others to help them on their journey with parental alienation is commendable. You have left a legacy that your daughter’s will one day see and come to know that you did all your that you could to have a relationship with them.

    I congratulate you Mark for all your hard work and pray that one day your two girls will come to know and understand the amazing father you truly are.


    • Thank you Yvonne, I really appreciate all of your support over the years and your kind words.

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