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The Coming of Age & Harsh Reality

The Coming of Age & Harsh Reality

I have recently been watching more and more documentaries especially on alternative and off the grid lifestyles. So, for anyone that knows me understands how hard I work and have worked for a very long time. To avoid complete and utter burnout I have been researching an alternative lifestyle to take myself out of the rat race and disconnect for the mainstream lifestyle.

I am also a creature of comfort and I know if I did try this lifestyle I would still need the basics. I cannot compromise on the following, a working toilet and shower lol. Saying that I would also need an internet connection which I have also been researching, which would need to be a satellite connection.

After speaking to some friends they have also expressed an interest in an alternative lifestyle living or for the die hards off the grid. I was thinking it would be great to also find like minded people that would like to live outside of societies norms (The Matrix). Being self sufficient is not easy and would need a solid focused group of people to make it happen.

There are so many different types of accommodation that can be purchased for next to nothing compared to a full blown mortgage on a house or flat. The hardest thing would be land and location as I do love the sun and would not want to do this somewhere that is cold and rainy.

People are genuinely struggling financially and emotionally from the pressures of today’s society, we need to find alternative solutions.

If this is something you would be interested in please either leave a comment below or contact me through my contact page.

clay banks g4oQpCaX6lw unsplash

clay banks g4oQpCaX6lw unsplash


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