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As you are all aware the next general election is coming on Thursday 8 June 2017. You must have registered to vote by the 22nd May 2017. If you’re like me you probably have little or no interest in the upcoming general election. I have never voted in my life until now, yes, I have for once in my life registered to vote. I have never had any faith or interest in any of the political parties to run the country I have lived in all of my life.

Unfortunately, the Conservative party has made it personal not only to me and my family but to all hard-working families out there. My mum is disabled and registered disabled and the treatment she has received under the tory government has been utterly appalling. I am not going to go into everything that has happened with her but to her it feels like a kick in the teeth after working so hard in the UK and this is how she is being treated.

To make someone’s retired life so difficult is beyond comprehension and I am deeply saddened but what she has experienced. So, for me anyone is better than the Tories and for that I am voting for the Labour Party. I am not interested in the propaganda of the British media or what people are posting on social media. What I am interested is someone leading the country that not only will try their best but is also a human being. I want someone who is approachable and that is genuinely concerned for the people that they lead. Someone when you write a letter too not only responds but gets involved to help you resolve the issue you wrote to them about.

So, for this I vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Why because he is human and you can actually talk to him. Let’s be realistic he will never have a magic wand to fix all the crap going on in this country. All I want is someone that can make the current situation more manageable for everyone and to listen to the people. I want a leader that I can talk too and will not ignore me due to my class within society.

It is your decision on who you vote for and I have made my choice from personal experience with Jeremy Corbyn. As I said whoever runs this country will have a mammoth task and it will not be easy, so let’s make it more manageable and fairer for everyone!


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