Family Justice Review 2011 & Still Nothing Has Changed!

Family Justice Review 2011 & Still Nothing Has Changed!

In November 2011 a Family Justice Review was conducted by Sir David Norgrove. We are at the end of 2018 and parents are still faced with the EXACT same issues and still fighting to be part of their children’s lives! As a parent who is either going through Parental Alienation, False Allegations or custody battles you should be OUTRAGED! Why are these review/reports not conducted on a regular basis to improve the system? Why does it take heartbroken parents to fight on a daily basis to see their children, which long-term can affect both parent and child’s mental health!

A brief snippet of the Norgrove Family Justice Review –

Why change is needed

3. The family justice system deals with the failure of families, of parenting and of
relationships, often involving anger, violence, abuse, drugs and alcohol. The
decisions taken by local authorities and courts have fundamental long term
consequences for children, parents and for society generally.

4. There was general agreement that the legal framework is robust. We should be
proud of this and in particular the core principle that the welfare of the child
should be the paramount consideration in all decisions affecting them.

5. But the family justice system also faces immense stresses and difficulties. Some
apply only in public law or private law but others are more systemic.
Respondents to the consultation shared our deep concern about the way the
system currently operates, and there was widespread agreement about our

• Cases take far too long. With care and supervision cases now taking on
average 56 weeks (61 weeks in care centres) the life chances of already
damaged children are further undermined by the very system that is
supposed to protect them. And in private law, an average of 32 weeks allows
conflict to become further entrenched and temporary arrangements for the
care of children to become the default.

• The cost both to the taxpayer and often the individual is high. Many
respondents saw a need for increased spending. But we are not convinced
that current resources are spent in the most efficient and effective way.

• Both children and adults are often confused about what is happening to
them. The need to address this will rise with the likely increase in the number
of people who represent themselves in private law cases.

• Organisational structures are complicated and overlapping, with no clear
sense of leadership or accountability. No one looks at the performance of the
system as a whole.

• Individuals and organisations across different parts of the family justice
system too often do not trust each other.

• There is no set of shared objectives to bind agencies and professionals to a
common goal and to support joint working and planning between them.

• Morale can be low and the status of those working in some parts of the
system does not match the levels of skill and commitment.

• Information and IT are wholly inadequate to support effective management
and processes.

None of the above has happened, the only things that may have happened is the renaming of government agencies and changing the titles of some of there policies. Apart from that, we are still in the exact same position 7-8 years down the line. They have identified there is a problem but use the word COMPLEX to increase the time to fix the issues. Whereby in that time we have more people committing suicide and falling ill with mental health problems. No MP’s want to get involved with there constituents the people that VOTED them in but yet choose to ignore them.

Family Justice Review Final Report

Question Time debate on Family Justice Review

This is exactly why Cornerstone Community Alliance was born, people have had enough of seeing the harm to ourselves, our children and grandchildren. We will make the changes necessary to make an equal fair system for all this is not a complex issue but a common sense one! This is why Total Reform is needed and why we the people need to bring it. #TotalReform



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Total Reform is Coming are you READY? #TotalReform

Total Reform is Coming are you READY? #TotalReform

The Total Reform campaign was started by the Cornerstone Community Alliance to not only bring awareness but also campaign for real law changes. In 2018 we are still suffering from the same injustices we did two to three decades ago and nothing has changed with regards to balancing the system including meaningful law changes. They talk about equality but do not make the necessary changes to make things equal as having an imbalance within society creates a monetary industry. There are ways to make money as a business yes but not on the misery and pain of others who just want to live normal lives and have the people they care about in there lives.

Cornerstone Community Alliance, CCA, was formed by us, a group of parents, grandparents and organisations of family rights. Together, we campaign for the “best outcomes for our own children, your children and grandchildren”.

This is our campaign

We have partnered with some great campaigners and support groups most recently the Peace Not Pas team. They have an incredible network of support for people experiencing Parental Alienation and the mental health issues that some people experience from it. You can read more here click here

We would really appreciate your support by changing your social media profile pictures to show your support for Total Reform. Remember without your continued support we would not have made it this far and we thank you all for that, we really appreciate it.

We still have a long way to go and we are reaching the right people but now we need to show them we mean business.

Please download one of the two images below to show your support for our campaign and whenever you post on social media with regards to our campaign please use the hashtag #TotalReform



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A long way to go for EQUALITY! #TotalReform

A long way to go for EQUALITY! #TotalReform

A long way to go for EQUALITY! #TotalReform

On Tuesday 11th September 2018 the BBC ran a short segment on CAFCASS & Parental Alienation. Although I welcome the airtime highlighting something that fathers have been campaigning for decades on. The BBC did not interview or even feature a father that had suffered or is still suffering Parental Alienation! This is very disappointing and clearly again shows the media bias towards fathers.

Looking at the freedom of information request I have received back from the Child Maintenance Services clearly show the overwhelming statistic that men are categorically the main no resident parent. So if alienation was going to occur it would be against a father and his immediate family. Yet the BBC chose to interview women and also use them for the voice overs on the short piece on Parental Alienation. I am not saying women don’t suffer from it far from it, but during a break up 90% the time the child will stay with the mother.

So, why did the BBC not use any men within the video it’s because we are seen as either less important in a child’s life or aggressive militants. See as a father your not allowed to be seen to be a proactive loving person who wants their children in there lives. We are always seen as the violent perpetrator who should not be around their children and not caring enough to be the main caregiver. This false narrative needs to stop and we are going to put a stop to this media bias against fathers. #TotalReform



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