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We Must Stop Playing The Game!

Dads let’s face it we are battling a corrupt system hell-bent on crippling us mentally and financially. So, why do we keep playing the game? The reason why is because [...]
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My Reply Letter to Robert Watling DWP

My Reply Letter to Robert Watling DWP [google-drive-embed url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DKMZH4miyAveEGRPFG8qIyRwBOPPOlV5/preview?usp=drivesdk” title=”MS Reply Robert Watling DWP.pdf” icon=”https://drive-thirdparty.googleusercontent.com/16/type/application/pdf” width=”100%” height=”600″ style=”embed”]
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Fathers Rights Campaign #babyfathermovement

#babyfathermovement #equalrights #humanrights #childmaintenance #timeforchange Some of you might know or may not know the struggles I have had when it comes to seeing or having access to my children. [...]
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Fathers in Court, Why?

So, the questions fathers get asked allot is why do we spend so much time in court? Unfortunately, if you have had a divorce or a breakup even though as [...]
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