Missing My Babies (Poem)

Missing My Babies (Poem)

When you were first born, I was so excited
To see your little face I was so delighted,
I held you in my arms and promised to keep you safe,
I knew in my world I would make you first place

When I first picked you up it brought a tear to my eye,
Deep inside I cried and cried
The joy I had bringing you into this world
I have never felt so proud and some much reward

I watched you grow day by day
When you said you first dada
I just melted I can honestly say
I knew the love I had would never fade away

I went to work and could not wait to get home
To hear the pitta patta of your tiny feet shouting daddy at the door
No matter what day I had I know I loved you more
You brought a smile to my face to which I could not ignore

I knew then what it meant to be a parent
That feeling of love and overwhelment
I have never loved anyone or anything like I have loved you
So this is my poem to let you know, I will never forget you

You might not be here with me now
But you will always be in my heart and memories
One day I hope I can just be a father without the fight
I love you, my babies, as I say goodnight

A part-time father is what we will only ever be
They took away my ideal of being a family can’t you see
The stress and emptiness is a daily occurrence
But they don’t care as long as there is no interference

I will never stop loving you and just wanted you to know
Sometimes it’s just easier in a poem I hope to show
You are and will always be part of me
As when we are together you bring out the best of me

Written by Mark Sheppard (in loving memory of his beautiful babies)



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Fathers in Court, Why?

Fathers in Court, Why?

So, the questions fathers get asked allot is why do we spend so much time in court? Unfortunately, if you have had a divorce or a breakup even though as a father we have equal parental rights. The courts and the system do not agree with it and the only way a father can seem to see his kids is if he takes his ex-partner to court. We have to pay all the fees, including the maintenance for our children even when they are deliberately being withheld from the father.

As a father being there for your child, being on the birth certificate and everything else we do for our children means nothing in the eyes of the law. Women to this day are still allowed to disappear with your child and use your child as a weapon with no consequences for there actions. Is this fair, of course, it is not but until the law sees this and fathers start fighting back nothing will ever change.

Women are breaking human rights laws by doing this but as no one has challenged it in court nothing has even been done about it. There is a piece of legislation that every human being is protected by in the UK, I would like to say worldwide but it would probably be a lie. It is Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998. Under Article 8 protects your right to respect for private and family life, your home and correspondence.

Based on the Article 8, why are so many women breaching this daily and hiding behind government agencies who are assisting in these breaches? It’s because no one has challenged it, most fathers are so tired and stressed they don’t have the fight in them to fight in court. Maybe other man just settle for the fact they will never see their children again and just walk away.

I will never walk away from my children and I don’t think you should either, united we are a lot stronger and divided we will fall. So, don’t settle for anything less than your child and you being in their lives no one can or should take away that basic human right of yours.

Fathers should be allowed to enjoy their kids like the mothers do and not spend his life in court fighting for his basic rights.




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