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Roxanne Pallett the computer says NO!

Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas | Celebrity Big Brother 2018

I am shocked by what I have seen in the media with regards to the false allegations that came from Roxanne Pallett about Ryan Thomas. Firstly, when I heard about it, I immediately thought to myself how could this possibly happen in the Big Brother house with so many cameras. This was obviously before I saw the camera footage of the incident. Some men when they are in a good place and are happy like to play fight it’s almost like a man saying “I am comfortable around you”.

Now, from what I saw in that video that was not even play fighting it was nothing it had no substance to it to even be categorised as anything but harmless flirting. You can see this incident below which had caused such an uproar on social media and other media platforms.

Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas | Celebrity Big Brother 2018

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I can honestly say I never blog about things like this but it really upset me, why because men/fathers get false allegations made against them on a regular basis. This can have a detrimental effect on that person career, life in general and mental health. This is unacceptable behaviour and how anyone in their right mind supports false allegations should be reprimanded. I actually feel sorry for Ryan Thomas and all those men who have had false allegations proven and the men that are still fighting for them to be proven.

These sorts of false allegations have been accepted by the media and courts as gospel for so long and in a weird way, I am happy this happened. As it shows that false allegations do exist and that it is becoming a major problem in today’s society against men. I do believe this is not as black and white as it seems as there may be an underlying mental health issue with Roxanne Pallett which has led to this false allegation. As she seems very fragile person and that there may be something bubbling under the surface which needs to be addressed.

Nevertheless, this will have a large psychological effect on Ryan for the rest of his life as something so trivial has been blown out of proportion. Let’s flip the script for a second, what if this happened off camera with no witnesses then what! I tell you what, he would have been found guilty immediately by the press and the media. His career would have been over and on top of that, he would have been arrested for the allegation. The weeks and months of uncertainty again would have had a detrimental effect on him and everyone around him.

This is why it is important that all allegations are investigated properly and thoroughly before it is leaked or released to the media. Below is the public apology Roxanne Pallett made and to right she did as this will still effect Ryan in a way she could never imagine!

Roxanne Pallett apologises to Ryan Thomas

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I hope this is a lessoned learned by everyone when it comes to false allegations and what it can do to a person’s life. Let’s hope valuable lessons have been learnt and that false allegations get challenged at every opportunity!


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