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Reply letter from Tom McCormack (Child Maintenance Group Director) 18-04-2019


So, after a month the public letter I wrote to Tom McCormack (Child Maintenance Group Director) has finally got a reply. Was the reply from Tom or one of his staff? Obviously it is one of his staff as Tom takes no personal responsibility for being the group director and can work with impunity. Never in the history of government organisations have I come across one that self-police’s such as CMS. All the so called independent bodies that regulate them are not so independent and this is what creates the chaos called CMS.

Profit is more important than families and children and with every reply I receive they make it clear that they can work above the law and independent bodies. An example, I lodged a data breach complaint with CMS and the ICO Information Commissioner’s Office who is supposed to be an independent body for data breaches. Not only have they still not replied to me but they actually spoke to CMS and told them to police and deal with it themselves! Yep a so called independent body not being so independent!

We had the same issues with the police and unfortunately it took a series of tragic events to enforce change. The same thing is happening with CMS and even though we have had a number of people going homeless or committing suicide they don’t care as long as you PAY if not you will be slapped with a liability order. No due process, no possibility to defend yourself in court, no right to a fair trial absolutely nothing.

I have said they numerous times if this was any other organisation the directors would have been called into the select committee and grilled. Then more than likely a police investigation would have been started, so why is it different for government organisations to break the law with no consequences for their actions! Only time will tell but remember one thing nothing is stronger than people power, never under estimate what people power can do.

You can read Tom McCormack’s reply below


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  1. Excellent breakdown of the internal corruption and unethical practice of the CMS.

    To make real change we have to combine our efforts lobbying Government and conducting research that will unequivocally transform Family Law into a vehicle of Justice and Honour.

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