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Poem – My lost love (daughter?) #parentalalienation


My lost love (daughter?) #parentalalienation

Every day that goes by I miss you more and more
This is a feeling I just can not ignore
I lay in bed awake with a feeling I just can’t shake
Knowing how much I love you it’s a piss-take

I fought for years and sacrificed so much
All I can think about is your loving touch
The love in your eyes when you were born
I miss you so much I feel torn

How is my love for you ever to heal
Why don’t these services that are meant to help not think this is a big deal
The pain does not go or get any easier over time
I refuse to wait until your 18 and feel your no longer mine

So I sit here every day and swore I will not let this happen to anyone else
I will help and educate the masses about Parental Alienation
This is a national disgrace and should be a priority for our nation

I just want you to know I did not want this to happen
I tried to be reasonable and fair to stop your adoption
Your surname and passport was changed
Like I never existed and now feel estranged

I will fight to the end so you know that I tried
Even though most days I breakdown and cry
To have someone erased from your life
Feels like my heart has been punctured with a knife

Written by Mark Sheppard

I love you my beautiful daughter Amelia, you did not deserve this. No child deserves this and I will continue to fight for them all.

#parentalalienation #TimeForChange


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