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People WANTED for UK Documentary #TotalReform

We have been approached by a documentary film maker. We have been whizzing emails back and forth to him. We are now at the stage of asking if people would be interested in being interviewed in front of a camera that would make up this documentary. We are only asking those within the CCA community/family. We would love a broad spectrum of stories, circumstances etc. The film maker comes across as very compassionate about what we are all going through. Attached is a form. If you are interested please complete the form and it will give us an idea of everyone’s location, so we can start thinking about the logistics of getting a camera crew and us together. Any questions please do ask, either openly or via PM. Completing the form, is not a commitment to be involved. The forms are simply to help us plan the logistics. Unfortunately this is at the present moment only open to UK residents.


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