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PA feels like a VOID and Time Lapse #parentalalienation

PA feels like a VOID and Time Lapse #parentalalienation

I woke up this morning thinking to myself what does Parental Alienation feel like to me know after living with it for some long. Firstly there is a void in your life which no matter how are you try to keep busy and fill it that feeling never goes. Secondly you feel like you are onto of a high building looking down on everyone and time has stood still for you but everything else is moving, growing, and building a future.

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I feel like I am stagnant in my life like I cannot grow or really move forward with the pain of not being around my children. It is exhausting with life stresses and troubles as usual friends don’t discuss it or really acknowledge it as I think they don’t know really what to say or do. Which is fine but the person that is going through it will feel increasing alone and isolated.

Parental Alienation is something that you can never really get used to but you do have to make painful decisions everyday to keep your own health and mental health in check. You as the targeted parent may have to give up the fight for your child/ren because everyone who are supposed to help you makes the situation worse. If you do by any chance manage to have some form of a relationship with your child it will always be a bitter sweet one.

You well see signs of the alienating parent when they communicate with you which makes it hard to maintain a loving relationship with them. It’s not their fault and we know this but it does not make it any easier when you want to communicate with them. So, you feel like nothing ever will be good enough and you choose to distance yourself from the situation for your own mental wellbeing and your child’s. Which in turn makes your child feel like they are not loved, which could not be further from the truth.

Everyday you wake up and time goes by but your love, pain and heartache does not move forward but gets buried. Hidden away like some dirty secret because as soon as you mention it you get treated like the problem and not the victim of the situation. I will always send my love to my beautiful children from afar, watching them grow up without me is just too painful.

If you are an Alienated Parent there are not easy solutions for you to deal with this kind of pain. All I can say is find something that works for you whether that be professional or personal. As long as you can find some form of peace that is a start.


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