My first international parental abduction case

My first international parental abduction case

I was contacted a few months ago by a dad who has reached the end of his tether with his parental child abduction case. I saw from his social media posts and communication to me how desperate the situation has become. I have never before gotten involved in cases like this due to the international laws and the lack of support parents receive from the British Government.

Unfortunately, this was a case I could not ignore due to the blatant failings of Police, MP’s, Courts and international partners. The sheer ignorance of not really wanting to reunite a father with his child even with the court’s support is damn right outrageous. The media turned a blind eye to the distressing situation for the father with no media support.

Why the lack of support from the media do you ask? It’s quite simple it does not meet the media’s narrative that all men are bad and perpetrators. That mum can also be bad, abusive and perpetrator as well. If this case was the other way around and it was him who tried to abduct the child and leave the country. He would have never left, the media would have plastered it all over the place and the police would have stopped him.

As it was a mother who did it they allowed her to leave the country knowing she was a flight risk, stating it was safe for her to go on holiday. Knowing the threats of child abduction but still allowed her to leave and now the poor father has to deal with the consequences of our court’s poor judgement. If it had been the other way around, the father would have been denied any type of flight abroad, his passport confiscated and an all ports circulation sent out just in case he tries to leave by other means.

I have to highlight the imbalance here because it is fact, in all the cases I have seen whereby a father took the children and tried to go abroad. He was caught within 48-72 hours and the mother received maximum media coverage! This father has not seen his child for 4-5 years, please someone make this make sense!

So, I have decided to help this father to try and advocate for him and try to bring much-needed media and social media coverage where I can on a limited budget. This is an outrageous situation and should have been prevented. I will update my blog once all filming and interviewing have been completed. This should not be done by me an advocate but by the services who have the funding and responsibility to help parents like this no matter the gender! EVERYONE’S case should be treated equally and actioned as such.

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