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Men’s Mental Health: Shedding Light on an Overlooked Issue during June

June is widely recognised as a significant month for raising awareness and support for various causes. While it is important to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month, it is equally crucial to shed light on another often-overlooked issue: men’s mental health. This blog aims to highlight the importance of addressing men’s mental health and how it can sometimes feel overshadowed by other events, such as Pride Month, in the context of the United Kingdom.

Men’s Mental Health: A Silent Struggle:
Mental health knows no gender boundaries, yet societal norms often discourage men from seeking help or openly discussing their emotional well-being. Traditional gender roles dictate that men should be strong, stoic, and resilient, leading many to internalise their struggles and suffer in silence. As a result, men face a higher risk of undiagnosed mental health conditions, increased suicide rates, and a lack of appropriate support systems.

The Significance of Men’s Mental Health Month in June:
June serves as an opportunity to bring men’s mental health to the forefront and encourage discussions around this crucial topic. While there is no official “Men’s Mental Health Month,” it is essential to designate a time to raise awareness and promote understanding. Recognising June as a month to focus on men’s mental health encourages open dialogue, reduces stigma, and creates a supportive environment for men to seek help.

Overshadowed by Pride Month:
While it is crucial to acknowledge and support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month, it is essential to ensure that other issues, such as men’s mental health, do not get overshadowed. The media and society often prioritise and heavily promote events like Pride Month, leaving little space for discussions on other topics. This unintentional oversight can perpetuate the notion that men’s mental health is of lesser importance, further exacerbating the existing stigma.

Breaking the Stigma: Opening up the Dialogue:
To address men’s mental health effectively, we must encourage men to feel comfortable discussing their emotions and seeking support when needed. By breaking down societal expectations and challenging the stereotypes associated with masculinity, we can create an environment that fosters emotional well-being and encourages men to seek help without fear of judgement or ridicule.

Supporting Men’s Mental Health:
There are several ways we can support men’s mental health not only during June but throughout the year:

1. Education: Promote mental health literacy by providing resources, workshops, and educational campaigns specifically targeted at men’s mental health.
2. Encourage Open Dialogue: Foster safe spaces where men can openly express their emotions, share their experiences, and seek advice without judgement.
3. Increase Access to Support: Advocate for increased funding and resources to ensure that mental health services are readily available and accessible to men in need.
4. Promote Self-Care: Encourage men to prioritise self-care activities such as exercise, hobbies, meditation, and maintaining social connections.
5. Be a Supportive Ally: Listen without judgement, offer support, and educate yourself about men’s mental health issues to become a supportive ally.


While June is a significant month for celebrating Pride and the LGBTQ+ community, it is crucial to recognize that men’s mental health also requires attention and support. By acknowledging the unique challenges men face, breaking down societal expectations, and promoting open dialogue, we can work towards a society that fosters emotional well-being for all. Let’s strive to make every month an opportunity to prioritise men’s mental health and create a more inclusive and understanding society.


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