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Is the word FAMILY finally dead in today’s society?! #family

Is the word FAMILY finally dead in today’s society?! #family

Since I started my fight in 2010 I have always wondered what the word FAMILY meant. Little if not anything has changed since I started campaigning and I want to delve into why I think that is.

So what is the dictionary definition of family?

A group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father, and their children

In 2020 this can be further from the truth and I will tell you why. To be a family it is based on a mutual understanding that there is some kind of love and respect for one another. Also that society embraces and supports the term family even when you are separated. So, why is society/government hell-bent on dividing families and creating a dysfunctional household. Why is dysfunction better than support, love and a harmonious society!

Money and control, think about it. If you have dysfunctional families more than likely your children with end up with some form of mental health or drug abuse problem. Which means, counselling, rehabilitation, prison, police, social services, cafcass and anyone else attached to these services. Then if you look at divorce and separation, family court, social services, cafcass, solicitors, barristers, child maintenance services, counselling, pharmaceutical companies, debt recovery, prison and the police.

There is no money in harmony and balanced families as it would eradicate the need for a lot of the above services god forbid we would want balanced children within society. Family has been turned into a dirty taboo word it feels like, which if mentioned even in the workplace it seems to be frowned upon. Oh, such and such can leave early because they have kids or we can’t offer you a promotion because you have a family and we are not sure about your commitment to our company etc.

It seems like everything you do or say is actually against you being or having a family. This is exactly why there is some much pressure on families it is inevitable that at some point they will separate. As the more single-parent families we have the more the cogwheel turns around.

I used to believe in law and how it protects us all but more and more I see it as a tool. People can use the law to control and manipulate people into doing what they want with little or no recourse for their actions. False allegations, non-molestation orders and child maintenance services are a prime example of how people can exploit the law to benefit themselves with little or no punishment.

I believe naively that we had human rights laws in the UK especially a fundamental one Article 8 protects your right to respect for your private and family life. Human rights law can and will only be adhered to on two occasions, one if you have the money to pay for a ridiculously expensive barrister/solicitor or when it suits the government to fit their narrative. These are the only times you will be able to see the Human rights Act adhered to.

What is meant by family life?

You have the right to enjoy family relationships without interference from government. This includes the right to live with your family and, where this is not possible, the right to regular contact.

‘Family life’ can include the relationship between an unmarried couple, an adopted child and the adoptive parent, and a foster parent and fostered child.

All of this provides a steady generational problem which will continue forever unless the people take the power back and demand change. Unfortunately, family life is not seen as an important priority for today’s society, so you will not get mass marches or protests as it does not fit the narrative. Even friends, family and people connected to people going through separation or divorce can’t be bothered to support them, so why should anyone else in society.

This is the sad reality of today’s generation whereby the government can continuously distract you from the secret laws that are being passed and the full blow destruction of the word Family. I hope one day everyone will wake up before it is too late and before it starts to impact you personally!


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