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Is social media making us unsociable?

Social media has become a big part of our personal lives and now seems to be mandatory for anyone that wants to be in the know. So, at what cost are we paying to be kept in the know? The first smartphone was created in 1992 where it has evolved at an exceptional rate with companies launching approximately 2-3 new one per year. We are living in a society of social pressure, social experiments and being connected.

The declining job opportunities and rising cost of living is making more and more people turn to social media to make money or keep in contact. If you think about it when you were a child you would physically leave your house and knock on your friend’s door to go out and play or to have a chat. Now your move your arm and fingers to tweet or create a status update which in term you wait for people to react to.

Social media has created an alternate reality where people can hide behind fake selfies, fake profiles and ultimately a fake life. What social media does not show is the personal struggles that person has on a daily basis. It does not show the mental health problems, anxiety, insecurities, money problems and relationships issues that person is having in real life. So, pretending to have this perfect life and making people think you have this perfect life can bring our insecurities in the people viewing. Making them think they have to be the same way or do the same things to be socially accepted.

We now don’t feel the need to physically meet anymore as we think it is more convenient to send a status update, WhatsApp, Tweet, Snapchat or Facebook to keep in contact. This in turn instead of making us social it is actually making us more unsociable. There has been scientific studies carried out on whether social media aids depression and mental health.

So, pick up the phone and call your friend, plan a day to meet, goto the park and start being more social than unsocial.

What do you think?

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