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Is Media & Social Media Harming our perception of the “real world”?

Is Media & Social Media Harming our perception of the “real world”?

It has become apparent with the increased usage of social media are we as humans losing touch with reality? We hear more and more talk of Metaverse which sounds like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie like “The Lawnmower Man” or “Ready Player One” What we thought was just a movie is now becoming a reality thanks to Meta. The even more sad thing about this is we already have a large part of society that is already disconnected from reality due to conditioning.

Every day we wake up we are bombarded with advertising, news, social media, influencers and everything in-between. We are told how to love, eat, spend our money, have relationships, how to look, where to work and how to die. Our whole lives are controlled by everything around us and no one seems to care or understand how it impacts our mental health. Then we get bombarded with adverts about mental health you really can’t make this stuff up.

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We focus on the aesthetics of people so much that people are all looking the same or trying to look like some celebrity. The fact that this is happening so much, now we are not able to appreciate the natural beauty in all its forms. Our brains are conditioned that every person we meet must look like a doll or celebrity. This is very unhealthy and this is what is create an additional increase in mental health issues.

There seems to be a serious lack of reality which is now making a perfect society for the rollout of Metaverse! If you think things are bad now wait until everyone is hooked up to machines 24/7 and the issues that will come with that. We are all craving perfection within our subconscious because it has been planted there by media and social media. Why do you think there are some many single people, separated and divorced people?

We have no basis for what a healthy relationship or marriage looks like! All we have is the information of perfection that gets pumped to us daily. In turn, we are not able to communicate, love, respect and interact with one another.



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