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International Parental Child Abduction Teaser Released #childabduction #familycourt #law #police #uk #poland

International Parental Child Abduction Teaser Released #childabduction #familycourt #law #police #uk #poland

I have finished recording my interview with a father by the name of Tom Toolan. Tom started his journey approximately five years ago when his daughter was abducted by her mother and taken to Poland. After reviewing some of the evidence it is clear there were major failings within his case not only by the Family Court but solicitors and Police. The heartbreaking part about all of this is it could have so easily been prevented if the people involved completed a thorough risk assessment of the situation!

The issue is the Family Court has the preconception that every case that comes through its doors is the same and is treated as such. This is why in this particular case they allowed a flight risk to leave the country even after the father took all legal steps to prevent it. Not only did they fail Tom but they also failed his beautiful daughter Rhian who deserved better from our legal system.

The damage which has been done to this family might be irreparable and will cause long-term trauma to all concerned. No one should have to go through this type of stress and anxiety for nearly five years, whereby it could have been so easily prevented. So, I have decided to advocate for Tom and Rhian as there have been serious failings that need to be investigated and escalated until Rhian is returned to the UK.

Please find below a teaser of the interview which was conducted with the father Tom Toolan.


Teaser – International Parental Child Abduction – Separation FilesOne father’s battle to see his daughter and get her returned to the UK from Poland. This teaser shows what is expected from the full interview. #childabduction #abduction #police #familycourt #law #highcourt #essex #uk #poland #government #cps

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