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Injustice, Incompetence or Both! #parentalalienation #abuse

Injustice, Incompetence or Both! #parentalalienation #abuse

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to the mother I have been supporting through this process of Parental Alienation and abuse by her ex-partner. What happened today after all the evidence was clear and in favour of her the proven patterns of abuse and the diagnosis of medical professionals, the numerous reports produced to the court. The Local Authority decided to U-turn because the case and the child were too difficult to deal with, which they said! It was easier to hand the child back to the abusive parent, which they did today!

When I got the phone call today my blood pressure went from 0-100 in a split second, I am sick and tired of the excuses and failure of these professional organisations failing our children. If a case hits the too difficult box if you apply enough pressure to the public service you will more than likely get a decision overturned. This is unacceptable, on so many levels, we are failing our children and I am sick and tired of people apologising about failing our children and not taking responsibility!

A loving parent has now permanently lost access to her child due to continued failings from the local authority. Failing to act quick enough, failing to put an actual strategy together to support the child involved, failed the mother due to this and have failed all the other parents that will be in contact with them in the future. Yet, there seem to be no repercussions for LA’s. Why? If it was an independent company they would be reported and investigated with a high chance of being closed down for the obvious failings and putting children at risk!!!! They would then look at prosecutions for the directors/management team, so can someone explain to me why this does not happen with LA’s?

I am not saying that LA’s have to be perfect but when there is clear evidence of abuse that has been going on for years, documented and PROVEN by medical professionals then why is it not dealt with appropriately. Who in their right mind would say this case is too difficult and where the abuse is PROVEN, we will just give the child back even though we know that they will be further damaged. I am heartbroken, angry, shocked and very disheartened by these services!

We need accountability, transparency and someone within these organisations to TAKE responsibility for their actions. Not just apologise to parents and say we are sorry, that is not good enough nor is it acceptable. I am far too emotional typing this so I apologise if it does not make sense. All these parents get from the judges is apologies, I am sorry but an apology is not good enough in these court rulings.

You and your children have been FAILED like so many out there!


  1. What is shocking to keep continually reading is that the long term risks are not appropriately thought of. The losing of one parent is nothing but a tragic loss, children will become adults and it will all become clear not just the loss of their parent but just how let down they were by our system.

    • 100%, unfortunately the story continues not just with me but for so many out there! We needed change decades ago but can only hope something drastic happens very soon.

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