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Have you given up on love?

As we all know dating nowadays has become increasingly frustrating. With the increase in social media usage and the boom of dating apps have we lost the good old-fashioned traditional dating? People are constantly complaining about the lack of commitment in relationships and if something goes wrong finding someone outside of the relationship to confide in is just a swipe or a click away.

So is it true that we see relationships as disposable and we don’t really have to work at them. Have you gone on a date and realised the person in front of you is either just weird or psychologically damaged? Due to the lack of suitors have you decided to take an oath of celibacy?

Well you would not be the first, people have gone to the extreme of marrying themselves (I know right). Now I am not quite at that stage myself but what I do know they days of traditional dating are officially dead. The change of the UK in Europe, cuts, Brexit, long hours at work and everything else you can through at someone. The motivation to date or stick with a relationship has diminished, no longevity with anything.

Everyone seems to have the attitude of wham bam thank you ma’am, this seems to be everything not just relationships. So how do we go back to basics and form real bonds and longer lasting relationships. I think we need to go back to basics, limit the use of technology, go out more and to change the environment we work and live. When you’re in a city everything is so fast paced and this tends to be passed down to our personal lives.

We must rush to be in a relationship, we must rush to get married, we must rush to have children or the latest one is we must all go to the gym and share loads of photos of how fit we are! The other new trend is narcissistic behaviour it’s a shame if people spent as much time working on their relationships or trying to find a decent partner, life would be so much better.

To all you singletons, put down those apps, laptops, computers and try something more traditional. Organise an event or dinner party, ask a group of singletons to go abroad on holiday or to the countryside. Think outside of the box and think traditional and non-technology related connections. I know it will be hard but isn’t that what we used to do before?


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