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Happy Fathers Day for some but not for all!

Happy Fathers Day for some but not for all!

I would firstly like to say I am sorry to the fathers out there they will not get the opportunity to celebrate father’s day with their beautiful children due to Parental Alienation. There is no excuses for this type of behaviour towards you but know one thing your child/ren will appreciate the effort you made fighting for them. I miss more daughter more than any words could ever describe and one day she will know and understand this directly from me and no one else.

So, I know today will be hard and you might not be in the mood to interact with anyone as everything today will remind you of father’s day and not seeing your child/ren. Just a thought if you have the strength to do this write a letter to your child explaining exactly how you feel and how much you miss them. They may not be able to see it today but one day they will and it will mean the world to them to know how much you love and miss them.

You, a father are wonderful and you should never allow anyone to take that away from you. I see how you fight this corrupt biased system and continue that fight because of the love you have for your child/ren. I see what you’re doing and so do the thousands who have shared your journey until this day and no one can ever tell you that you are not a committed father NO ONE!

NOT every father is a perpetrator or abuser these lies have continued for far too long and we will put a stop to it. We will unite as one and show the world how far a father will go for the love of his child/ren, you are not ALONE!

I will include some beautiful quotes to remind you just how special you are and that no one can take that away from you.

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful, loving, caring and strong men out there

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