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Fathers Rights Campaign #babyfathermovement

#babyfathermovement #equalrights #humanrights #childmaintenance #timeforchange

Some of you might know or may not know the struggles I have had when it comes to seeing or having access to my children. I spend more time in court than I actually do spending time with my kids, I know crazy right! Unfortunately, in the UK the law fully supports fathers being bank accounts for their kids whether your ex-partner allows you to see the kids or not.

We have a clear bias within UK Legal System and Child Maintenance system and needs major reform and transparency. Family courts are a mess and need reforming, instead of treating fathers like second class citizens but as equals you might just get a better reaction from them. My campaign will start next week, whether you’re a single father or in a relationship this will benefit you either way. I believe images speak volumes more so than a load of text by myself explaining what is happening.

If we have a fairer and equal system it will encourage fathers to be part of there kids lives instead of alienating them. We are always saying kids need positive role models, so let’s create a fairer society for all and encourage the father to be that positive role model and not alienate them!

I would appreciate your support and help with this campaign if you would like to get involved please get in touch. It is time for a change and only WE can make it!

#babyfathermovement #equalrights #humanrights #childmaintenance #timeforchange

Fathers Rights Campaign Branded

Please feel free to share the above image and lets get the message out about time for change!



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