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Fatherlessness or Parental Alienation is it not one of the same? #parentalalienation #fatherlessness

Fatherlessness or Parental Alienation is it not one of the same?

Today, I saw an article in the Daily Mail with the headline “Absent fathers are fuelling knife crime in Britain, warns police chief as she says youths are turning to drug dealers for role models”. I have a massive issue with the headline for a start as it makes it look like all fathers who are separated or divorced are absent. In my eyes they should be using the term fatherlessness as to me this is the correct term for the societal problem that we have.

So, why is it only when there is something negative within society we blame fathers again and we continue with the same BS narrative. Knife crime is out of control so lets blame the fathers, errrrm, why are we not addressing Parental Alienation = Fatherlessness! Unfortunately, that would be to easy as the government and family justice system, as they would finally have to admit they are the ones who have caused this issue by supporting Parental Alienation.

We know Parental Alienation is not a gender issue but statistically, it does affect men more. So, my question is if we know fatherlessness is so detrimental to our children’s lives, why do so many people support it? You can’t support something and then say why is their so many fatherless children, very contradictory. There are so many organisations and people campaigning to curb fatherlessness and create a positive narrative of fathers but they are not getting support from government.

Your probably thinking, well it’s a no brainer resolve Parental Alienation and have it written into law = reduction in fatherlessness. I have been saying this for years and I will continue saying it, Parental Alienation is a large money-spinner for the government and associated organisations. Why would they want to solve it? They don’t and won’t unless we the public put pressure on them or it probably will never happen.

Think about it look at all those large pharmaceutical companies who must be sitting on cures for decades. They will not release cures because the is more money in managing diseases than curing them! It is the same with Parental Alienation there are too many mouths eating from it and lots of companies and organisations will lose large amounts of money.

We have to remove the stigma surrounding fathers as caregivers and their importance within a child’s life. That for me is a great starting point in changing peoples perception of fathers and how we should be more inclusive of there needs not just the mothers. So let’s stop blaming fathers/men for when things go wrong and change the narrative to make them positive contributors within society and family homes.

I am tired of fathers being blamed for everything that happens in society which make it harder for us to be fathers knowing that everything is stacked against us. We should be promoting positive images of both men and women within the family unit and stop turning it into a battle! Let’s promote the positives of being a father and maybe then more fathers will be present and contributing to societies fatherless children.

Link to the Daily Mail article


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