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Essex County Council Social Services & Parental Alienation #TotalReform

Essex County Council Social Services & Parental Alienation #TotalReform

So, a couple of weeks ago I request a freedom of information request with Essex County Council Social Services to see what their policies and procedures were on Parental Alienation. You only have to do your research online to see how Parental Alienation has become an epidemic by some really unhealthy even unwell parents out there. There is more than enough information for you as an organisation to one educate and train your staff on it. Unfortunately, Essex County Council Social Services has chosen to ignore my complaint/allegation of it. Why? It’s because they have no clue about it and refuse to accept that it is a form of emotional child abuse as it fits into the too complicated box!

Their field staff have no training or reference material on how to deal with it so when I mentioned it on numerous occasions I was met with, no she is just being difficult. No SHE is not being difficult, stopping another person from seeing their child and then trying to exploit the other parent for financial gain is sickening. These organisations and individuals will be held accountable for their actions. When you are prepared to lie, cover up situations and back your staff without reviewing all the evidence is neglect and damn right unprofessional.

There Chief Executive stated to me on email that they follow CAFCASS’s Parental Alienation framework. But yet none of their staff have ever mentioned it to me and if they did follow the “framework” then surely the social worker would have been able to act in my case no? But you see when I did the FOI request nothing was mentioned on the reply with regards to following CAFCASS’s frameworks!

Essex County Council Social Services will never have met someone like me before you see. This is my child’s life you are playing with and there is no limit I will go to to uncover this corruption, lies and neglect by them. You have been ruining family lives for a very long time and it’s time you were called out on it. You need to be held accountable for what you do and transparency needs to be at the top of your agenda for an organisation like yours. Below is the FOI I requested from them –

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”ECC7131627 06 19 FOI Publishing Template 24072019.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”600″ style=”embed”]

Do no continue this shady practice because when this all comes out and let me assure you it will there will be no turning back for you!


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