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END to bitter divorce/breakup wars & start putting children FIRST! #babyfathermovement

As you are all aware that my petition/campaign will be starting shortly. One thing I have always wanted to know is, why is talking and raising awareness about divorce and breakups such a taboo subject? No one seems to want to discuss or campaign for change but yet they are all happy to moan about it to friends and family! The main reason why it needs to be talked about and changed is the effect it has on children involved and mental health.

I am sick and tired of hearing the same old stories with no real change in the legal system and child maintenance services. We need fundamental changes to benefit everyone and remove the stigma attached to divorce and brake-ups. So, let’s start talking about and make some real changes that benefit everyone and not just one parent. Children seem to always be forgotten during breakups and 80% of the time the father with experience parental alienation during divorce/breakup.

This can have and has had serious mental health effects on the father long term and can lead to deep depression and even suicide in some cases. I want this to stop, no one has the right to stop a father from seeing his child(ren) unless he is deemed a risk which will have the appropriate legal paperwork to support it. Otherwise, all fathers should have and always have access to his children without the mind games and children being used as weapons.

Please support my campaign for real change not assumed father rights just because he is on the birth certificate.

Did you know fathers would be happier to pay child support if they actually had access to there child(ren)? Due to parental alienation and fathers deliberately being stopped from seeing their child(ren) they are more reluctant to pay anything towards that child! Let’s change this mindset and make real changes to family law, child maintenance and peoples general perception of fathers.

Even if you don’t fully support what I am doing I want you to at least understand my message!

Lets stop this!

Parental Alienation

Lets stop this as well!

Family Bitter Wars, Divorce & Breakups

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