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Dirty WORD!

Dirty Word!

When it comes to divorce and separation you are made to feel as if it is a dirty word. Your friends and family who are in relationships or married make you feel as if when you mention it you should be sent to the deep dark depths of hell. The reason why people have some many problems in their relationships is we don’t communicate with each other but seek comfort in friends and family instead. Their opinions nine times out of ten will be biased and you will not get the advice that is needed. We need to be more open with our partners about when there is a problem and how best to solve it and what could go wrong if you don’t.

I am not talking about scaremongering your partner but having open and honest dialogue as to what the issues may be and what you propose could be done to resolve them. This does not mean bashing your partner but seeking to communicate in an adult way and to comprise on solutions where necessary. We all know friends and family don’t want to hear about our divorces or separations but I think they should. Why, because I believe prevention is a good start with failing relationships if people here how bad things can go just maybe they will make more of an effort to work at it.

This is not in a DV or DA situation but people need to understand the value of relationships and not chop and change like the British weather! We need to support people more when they are going through tough times provide them with empathy and advice that could lead to a more positive solution. I am tired of seeing celebrities having very bitter separations in the media when they should be getting support before it even reaches that far.

To me, everything seems to disposable relationships, children, morals and marriage there does not seem to be any emphasis on working at things any more. You only have to look in the media and on the internet to see the volume of broken and traumatised people. This is affecting our children and the next generation and our government are fuelling the epidemic by encouraging poverty, lack of opportunities, removing vital services and spending more time arguing amongst each other!

What will it take for people to start looking at what is happening within our society to demand real change and support for the people that need it. A further increase in divorce, separation, knife crime, homelessness, suicide, mental health problems or poverty. More of us have things in common than not and we should not be embarrassed to talk about it. Sharing our feelings and emotions may just make that person in the room open up and speak about something that may have been bothering them for a long time. Something which they thought would be too embarrassing to open up about and may just save that persons life in one way or another.

Let’s stop making people feel like outcasts for there person circumstances and provide them with the empathy, inclusion and love that they deserve.


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