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Democracy or Hypocrisy?

Since our government changed hands from Labour to Conservatives I have noticed a massive change in, we will do what we want when we want and thank you for the votes! I thought we live in a democratic society whereby the people that voted you in in the first place will actually get your support. Not the thanks for voting us in, we will now do the opposite to everything we said we were which got us voted in!

I am a Labour voter myself and have been most of my life but it seems to me that we are voting in a bunch of hypocrites. The politicians have clearly lost focus, they spend so much time squabbling in the House of Commons like children in a playground. When you get elected to be the winning party you are supposed to help society make things better and your sole focus should not be money but also the well-being of society. I have seen since the Tories have come into power a devastated UK, which is having a massive impact on people’s health but it feels like no one cares.

It’s got to the point where people are taking their own lives as they believe dying is better than living with the current government and situation they are in. We have serious societal issues that are being ignored and we seem to just be putting up with it and accepting it. Remember we can vote in and vote out who we like and we can protest to make changes as and when. So, why are we allowing our public services, families and mental health to deteriorate at such a repaid rate?

We are talking about Human Rights violations around the world but yet we violate them ourselves on a daily basis. We talk about food poverty around the world yet we have the highest number of food banks and poverty than ever before. We talk about equal rights around the world yet we still continue with inequality. People are dying daily from knife crime, no medical attention, suicide, homelessness, food poverty, pollution and the list goes on. Our government agencies are at breaking point to the point they can’t conduct proper investigations and make the appropriate decisions where necessary.

Families are suffering and it breaks my heart this is not how it was supposed to be when you elect a new government. All our MP’s seem to be focused on their own agendas and not the agendas of the people that voted them in in the first place. So what is the point of having a government that does not listen or support the people that voted them in? If you look at it there is not point, we could have an electronic voting system that allows people to vote on new laws and priorities within society. As having MP’s is not actually doing anything for people, families and public services and we need to wake up before it gets worse.

You have the power so start thinking about taking it back before it is too late otherwise it might be your family, neighbour, friend or acquaintance maybe next. Change is needed and it needs to be now as we have a massive failing government whose priorities are clearly in the wrong place.


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