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Daily life of an Alienated Parent #parentalalienation #TotalReform

Daily life of an Alienated Parent #parentalalienation #TotalReform

If you have never experienced Parental Alienation before I sincerely hope you never ever do. I wanted to give you the reader an insight into what daily life feels like for an alienated parent from my own experience. First and foremost is the lack of support for people and families experiencing it is for me the vital ingredient for coping with Parental Alienation. You try your best to get support from friends and family when going through PA but after awhile the novelty wears off and you become isolated.

When you experience PA it feels like your stuck in a reoccurring dream that never ends and it affects your life in every way. It feels like your grieving for a child which is still alive and you cannot see, speak to or touch. Due to lack of support from family and friends you become isolated and you seek out other ways to connect with people that might be experiencing the same thing. Unfortunately everyone deals with trauma like PA very differently and the pain they go through daily is evident and many suffer from depression or other mental health because of it. Which in turn can make you feel worse about your own situation and can stop you from interacting with support groups.

Does PA change you, yes it does so much I can’t actually explain. You become a one band man/woman crusader which never stops or sleeps. It can effect you financially, emotionally and mentally depending on how severe the PA is to you and your extended family. You become a shell of yourself and just exist instead of living your life. The hardest part is when you have other kids the knock on effect financially and emotionally it has on you effects everyone around you including your kids. You spend all your time in court, writing letters, complaining to government organisations and trying to bring awareness on the subject all while trying to keep your sanity.

All of this is hard enough to deal with then you have to justify to Social Services & CAFCASS as to why you want to be the parent to your own child! Yes, you heard me you actually spend most of the time trying to prove why you want to be in your child’s life! Absurd, I know but that is just how the system is built and continues to function until major changes are made. Then isolation kicks in as you home in on trying to see your child/ren you spend every waking moment thinking and fighting for your child/ren. Friends and Family get sick of you talking about it and part of me also thinks they blame you for the situation you are in. Instead of supporting you, spreading awareness or doing something which can actually help you. You will get the impression after awhile that they actually think it’s your own fault for the situation you are in they will never say this of course but you can just feel it.

Over the two years plus I have been raising awareness of PA within the support groups we have unfortunately lost a lot of parents to suicide. I can honestly say I understand why they do it and I cannot be a easy decision to make or an act to do. After isolation despair kicks in you feel like nothing you do or say is good enough to regain that contact of your child/ren. To have your child ripped from your life like a toy by a spoilt brat who does not want to return it. Until you have experienced PA yourself you will never truly understand the struggle the person going through it endures on a daily basis. Please offer them some real emotional and practical support if you can as they will need it even if they don’t say it.

SUICIDE should never been an option with the right help and support, please reach out to someone to see if they can help.


    • What do you mean please elaborate?

  1. Excellent blog … Just a small addition: Experiencing PA robs you of your faith in humanity & human values (love, integrity, goodness) that one has grown up with since the child, society & especially judiciary let you down so badly that you start questioning whether there are any human values or that you have been sold a utopia all your life!

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