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Are you psychologically damaged?

Are you psychologically damaged? Have you been through a traumatic experience at some point in your life? Have you ever sat by yourself and thought, what I am thinking is not normal maybe I need to speak to someone?

I can honestly say the amount of people I know who are psychologically damaged and have not admitted it or even aware of it. This is where self-analysis comes in and being self-aware of one’s self and what you have been through within your life. So many people know they have been through a lot and refuse to admit it and try to fix it. Others just ignore it and think it will go away by itself which it never does.

So how do you identify it and these are just a few signs and symptoms Withdrawal, Drop in functioning, Problems thinking, Increased sensitivity, Apathy, Feeling disconnected, Illogical thinking, Nervousness, Sleep or appetite changes and Mood changes. This is not a definitive list but a good start to maybe pick up some dramatic changes within yourself and personality.

I have noticed the change in some of my friends and previous partners but none of them would admit it. I was met with a swift I have been through a lot in my life but people change and grow. No, there is change and growth in one’s self and there is psychological damage two entirely different things trust me. One particular date I went on the lady I have known for a very long time was displaying a lot of the signs and symptoms mentioned above. So, I asked her is everything alright, after a very long time of badgering her she finally reeled off all the things that had happened to her in the past.

Even though she identified something was wrong with herself she would not admit that she may need some help dealing with it. Again, I was quickly shut down and told “yeah I have been through allot and people change”. Bear in mind I have known this person for over 10 years and she was never like this before, apparently, people just change.

I will explain one thing, you can shy away from all of your problems as much as you want. Unfortunately, those problems will not shy away from you, meaning they will manifest themselves within your friendships, relationships and family. If your unhappy within yourself it shows and no amount of gym, posting selfies or telling everyone your fine is going to hide that. Some situations you have been through within your life may need some extra help and there is no shame on asking for it.

You will always know when something inside of you has changed and it’s how you deal with that change is the most important thing.

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