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Are you coloured blind or are you blinded by colour?

Are you coloured blind or are you blinded by colour?

I have lived in London all my life and I am saddened by the recent behaviour of people, not only in London but throughout the UK. I have always been taught to judge someone based on their personality and not the colour of there skin. This is something I will pass down to my kids, but you cannot ignore that fact that we are going back to the dark ages.

There seems to be an abundance of closet racists or I like to call them casual racists that always seem to surface when a terrorist attack occurs. They hide behind their computer screens and cannot wait to warm those fingers up as soon as a terrorist attack occurs. It’s almost like they use a terrorist attack as justification to air there personal racist views and I am sick of it. Between the mainstream media making out that all black men are either drug dealers, thugs or associated with some sort of organised gang make me sick to the stomach.

The Muslim community in particular is feeling it at the moment and like the black community it never just starts or ever stops, it’s always there! So, going back to mainstream media and film producers etc. If we look at the history of coverage of the black community it’s always negative. All the good things the black community does or have done is always overshadowed by then negative. Why is that? Why can there not be more positive media coverage about the positive things the black community does?

Exactly, your guess is a good as mine it’s almost like the media want this constant pressure put on the black community for some reason. One particular channel being 5 which broadcasts Gangland or Inside The Gang. I think I watched an episode awhile ago and I had to turn the channel over as it was making me so angry. I thought to myself, could you imagine if you came to the UK for the first time and switch the TV over to Channel 5 and saw one of these programmes. What image would that portray for you on not only the black community, but young black men specifically.

You just have to watch the morning news or the evening news to see another black youth stabbed or shot nearly on a daily basis. What I would like to know is why, why is this the only news that gets shown on the black community. You’re telling me there is nothing else positive going on within the black community that is newsworthy? Pull the other one, something needs to change and it needs to change soon as I am sick of all this BS closet racists that are surfacing. I will not go into this particular subject too much as I will turn into a full-blown story as opposed to a blog.

As much as the big social media giants talk about recruiting additional staff and better artificial intelligence to block content online. So why is it on nearly a daily basis, there are young black children being shot by police officers in the US circulating and videos circulating of young black women being hanged? WTF is going on! Baring in mind, young children use social media, whether we like it or not they use it so why is this stuff being circulated!

The latest trend going around online now about the black community is that we are called sub humans! WTF is a subhuman, we as a race don’t even fall into the human category anymore, so we are not animals nor are we humans we are in between? So many people seem to be using this term and it deeply upsets me and saddens me as I feel the mainstream media has fuelled this. I can’t remember where I watched it online, but someone was talking about dating either a black woman or man and they responded with something like I would never date a subhuman!

I was shocked by this term as I have never heard it before and yes, there is a growing community out there that thinks we the black community are subhumans.

After the tragic incident that happened in Manchester with regards to the terrorist attack that recently occurred. The vile things people posted online about the Muslim community also shocked me, especially as I have some very good Muslim friends. I am sick of these closet racists surfacing when there is some sort of tragedy occurs. The anger people have against the Muslim community needs to stop.

Just like with any other race or culture you cannot tarnish a whole community with the behaviour of a small minority. Not every Muslim is a terrorist and the people who think they are need to go and educate themselves upon the Muslim faith. People will always fear the unknown, but the blatant racism I have seen is appalling and I needed to say something about it. We as a country need to unite and please do not allow the actions of a few tarnish the reputation of the wider community.

I myself have endured racism all my life and you learn to live with it, you should not have too but you do. When you mention racism now, you immediately get shot down by someone, why are you playing the race card. It’s not always about your colour, well for the people who say this unfortunately it is. Why are we not allowed to talk about it? Why are we not allowed to say we will not accept it anymore! If you could experience the blatant racism and not so blatant racism I have encountered all my life. I could assure you that you would not be saying that to me or anyone else.

All, I am interested in is people seeing you for you, not the colour of your skin or your religion but your personality. This is the only thing that you should be judged on, nothing more or nothing less. It’s your personality that makes you not the colour of your skin or religion!

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