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Alzheimer’s – The Progression Part 1 #alzheimers

Alzheimer’s – The Progression #alzheimers

So, yesterday I noticed quite a big change in mum’s general perception. What I mean by this is I can see how quickly the Alzheimer’s is progressing. She was trying to have a conversation with me about something but she was not making any sense. The hardest thing with Alzheimer’s is keep the brain active and stimulated. Unfortunately, my mum has lots of different health issues which does not help with knowing what that actual cause is.

Anyway, on Sunday my mum picks up two letters explaining to me that they got delivered that day by someone my mum probably has not seen for 15 years+. I explained that they were not delivered that day and that the letters were from September & October. I then got her to eat some breakfast and probably no more than 10 minutes later. She stated that these letters came for me today and proceeded to go through the same story again.

This is Alzheimer’s and what it does to the brain it makes your loved ones sleep a lot and removes all sense of time and day. Which in turn messes up personal hygiene routines because they think they have showered or brushed their teeth when in fact they have not for days or weeks! All you can do is try your best to create a routine as much as possible but it may not last long as they can’t remember what the routine was.

Putting up paper reminders around the house also works but not guaranteed depending on eyesight and brain functionality. The confusion becomes more apparent and paranoia as days go by. Also, if you loved one has any locks on their bedroom doors a word of advice is to remove them. As they will start locking it due to the paranoia and should something happen, you will not be able to get into the room.

I will never forget when a friend said to me “they become a child again and you need to treat them as such”. I still struggle with the concept as I am always hoping my mum will get better even though deep down, I know she will not. You literally must baby proof your home when you have a loved one living with you who has Alzheimer’s.

Just take eat day as it comes and don’t be hard on yourself when things go wrong. If you can organise respite through your local council or charity.


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