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Alzheimer’s – Lost & Found

Alzheimer’s – Lost & Found

If you are caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s you will become increasingly frustrated which is perfectly normal. As the disease progresses you will find even the very basics for the seems to be a mountain of a task. You will unfortunately get into regular battles for things like personal hygiene  and eating.

You have to remember it is the disease controlling there thought process and it’s not because they want to be difficult or don’t like or love you. The don’t have a concept of portions, time and days which is standard, which from my experience can be very frustrating. Just take a deep breath don’t argue with them just walk away and try again later with some polite encouragement.

You may start to notice things going missing around the house and your loved one has now become a real life David Copperfield. No matter where you look you won’t be able to find some stuff, my mother managed to make three suits vanish before I was meant to take them to the dry cleaners. You will also find things like purses/wallets and other personal items going missing quite regularly, so save time and stress when taking your loved one out.

My suggestion is to purchase a small security box to keep everything in and away from your loved one. Something like the image below, everything in one place and safe!

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