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Alzheimer’s Diaries – Tips & Tricks #alzheimers #dementia

I was sitting here thinking how difficult and frustrating it can be to be a carer at times. How underappreciated you are and the daily battles you face with professional services attached to your caring. If you don’t know I care for my mum who was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2020 but I had been dealing with it a lot longer than that.

The first thing to do before anything below is to get some support for you and your loved one. Speak to your local council’s social services and Age UK this is a must and not optional. For your own sanity you will need support so please contact them.

So I wanted to put together some information I have learnt over the years while caring for my mum and thought some of it may help others. I am not a medical professional so always seek advice from the appropriate professionals about your loved one’s health and well-being.

Let’s start with safety

We have all heard stories about loved ones wandering off or unscrupulous people knocking on the front door trying to rip off the vulnerable. My advice is smart technology security and these are just some products that may help

Smart Doorbell (

  • Video Doorbell 4 + Chime
  • Quick Release Battery Pack (Spare Battery)
  • Or Solar Panel for Doorbells

Depending on your specific requirements you can even go for a multi-CCTV camera setup to have additional coverage front, back and inside.

Mobiles & Landline Phones

Another big thing is to protect your loved ones against unscrupulous scammers that will not care if your loved one is vulnerable or not they do not discriminate. So, protecting their phones are also essential.  Below are just examples but feel free to do your own research.

Amazon Blink

  • Blink Outdoor security camera (3-Camera System) + Blink Mini Indoor security camera, (1 Camera) | Motion Detection, Works with Alexa

These setups will allow you to monitor your loved one remotely giving you that extra peace of mind.


Ask your GP to get it delivered to your loved one’s home or yours whichever is the easiest.

  • Do not allow your loved ones to take medication unsupervised because they will over or under-medicate. Always provide it for them and supervise when they take it, try not to leave medication laying around the house or room either.


This is one of the hardest things to have to deal with due to the way the disease develops most sufferers can’t regulate their food intake and often don’t eat. So this is the strategy I have developed over the years for Mum. If you really struggle with food please hand it over to the hired carer they will normally eat better from them.

Supplement Vitamins ( Always do your research before purchasing and administering.

  • MultiVitality 70 Plus
  • Super Strength Cod Liver Oil 1,200mg
  • Fast Release Glucosamine 70 Plus
  • Elite Vitamin D3 Spray 4,000iu

For breakfast quick and easy things to make or pick up snacking types of foods they can easily eat. If you buy bulk then freeze additional stuff. Any food left out for them to take freely please ration it.

  • Fruit
  • Scones & Buns etc
  • Sandwich fillings to make quick sandwiches or to put on toast
  • Juice & Bottle water

Dinner (Look at a meals on wheels type company) Depending on how busy you are or how much time you have and the foods they like this is the easiest option as they can be very fussy with food. Below are just examples please do research before buying anything.


Personal Hygiene and Bedroom (

  • A wet Room is a must (Only if you can afford to)
  • NRS Healthcare Dovedale Comfort Commode
  • Zoflora to assist with the smell of commode one cap and a little water at the bottom.
  • Bedside Floor Mat (
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector
  • Waterproof Bedding
  • Incontinence underwear
  • Electric Toothbrush
  • Back scrubber
  • Cleaning products for commode bathroom cleaner etc
  • Rug Doctor 70037 Urine Eliminator, 500 ml Trigger Spray

Also, be mindful of anything that looks like a bucket or bin as you also may find that being used as a toilet. Make sure things are placed on shelves and out of arm’s reach, if by any chance a clothes basket gets used as a toilet, there are hanging alternatives called Hanging Laundry Hamper. Which can be found pretty much anywhere including Amazon.

Hired Help (Carers)

  • Please make sure you monitor them regularly and that they are fully implementing your loved one’s care plan.
  • Lockbox outside property
  • Set up a numbered carers household location list of where everything is. Leave the list on a door somewhere visible for them to see.
  • Some sticky number examples (
  • If any issues with the carers please make sure you report to the care company first, evidence it and if still no improvement raise it with social services.
  • A tip on getting a carer would also get one with dementia experience…not one that has been on a dementia course and thinks they’re qualified

Late night wandering around the house and irregular sleep times (I create nighttime through smart plugs & Bulbs)

Due to the sleeping during the day and irregular sleep patterns, I found Mum turning things on at night/early hours thinking it was daytime. I was able to sort this out by smart plugs on things like the TV’s, microwave, kettle, toaster, oven etc (scheduled timer) I also did the same with the smart bulbs should they leave them on during the night. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PURCHASE THE CORRECT ONES FOR YOUR FITTINGS AND FIXTURES.

  • TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet, Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo and Echo Dot), Google Home, Wireless Smart Socket, Device Sharing, Without Energy Monitoring, No Hub Required – Tapo P100 4-Pac
  • TP-Link Tapo Smart Bulb, Smart Wi-Fi LED Light, B22, 8.7W, Energy saving, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Dimmable Soft Warm White, No Hub Required – Tapo L510B(2-pack)[Energy Class F]

The above are just some tips which may or may not help you but I thought I would share just in case it does.

Sending you love and positive vibes


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