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Abuse can happen to anyone EVEN men! #mentoo

Abuse can happen to anyone EVEN men! #mentoo

This particular blog is well overdue in my eyes, I have noticed an increase of abuse with men for a long time and still, nothing is being done about it. Why? It’s because we as men have been programmed from a young age that all women are victims and we must protect them at all costs! Where in reality anyone can suffer abuse and whenever abuse is identified it should all be dealt with the exact same way.

Unfortunately, due to the long decades of programming men have received, we don’t talk about it or even know how to identify it when it happens to us. This is why male suicide is so high, we are either in an abusive relationship and leave, when we do leave it increases with our children. The most common abuse a man will receive is Parental Alienation when it comes to our children.

If we don’t do what the perpetrator wants this then escalates into the following forms of abuse coercive control, economic abuse and psychological abuse. Why is this happening so much? It’s because the law only really sees women as the victim and that all men are perpetrators. The only way we are going to bring down male suicide is when we start acknowledging that men are also victims and can be victims.

This is leading to men suffering abuse daily from ex-partners which is not being challenged or report to the appropriate services/charities. We as men rationalise the abuse that is happening to us, whereas if it was happening to a woman it would be immediately called abuse and treated as such. We are so conditioned that we don’t know how to feel or think anymore when it comes to being abused. This must change to save our fathers/men from even thinking about suicide.

Suicide should never be an option but if you think about it, what choice do some men have as they don’t even realise, they are being abused themselves. Due to the pressure and stress, they can only think of a way out and to put their minds at rest.

Please speak to your sons, brothers, fathers and male friends about how they feel and, in some cases, help them identify when they are going through abuse, support them and refer them when necessary.


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