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It’s Our Funding Right!

So, today I called around to see what support fathers would get with regards to family law cases for seeing their children. I was told under no circumstances will any legal aid be available for anything relating to family law as it has been cut. This made me think, we...

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Robots & Scripts

As a father when you visit a solicitor or family court, do you feel like you’re speaking to robots or get scripted answers? I do, I visited a solicitor today and as soon as you sit down you’re already being prejudged. They ask you, so what’s happened then? As soon as...

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Democracy or Hypocrisy?

Since our government changed hands from Labour to Conservatives I have noticed a massive change in, we will do what we want when we want and thank you for the votes! I thought we live in a democratic society whereby the people that voted you in in the first place will...

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We are currently looking for student or trainee solicitors help with our campaigning. You will need to specialise in Family Law and Human Rights bit.ly/fathersrights… #law #familylaw #humanrights #humanrightslaw #solicitors #lawyers #judges #barristers #students #trainee pic.twitter.com/obkf…

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REAL equal rights for fathers and not just something that is assumed! #babyfathermovement


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