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A Cry for Help

When you are a celebrity are you not classified as a normal human being? Just because you have mastered your art form and have managed to make allot of money from it you somehow don’t have feelings or can have problems? So, I have been following Ant McPartlin for...

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Missing My Babies (Poem)

When you were first born, I was so excited To see your little face I was so delighted, I held you in my arms and promised to keep you safe, I knew in my world I would make you first place When I first picked you up it brought a tear to my eye, Deep inside I cried and...

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Fathers in Court, Why?

So, the questions fathers get asked allot is why do we spend so much time in court? Unfortunately, if you have had a divorce or a breakup even though as a father we have equal parental rights. The courts and the system do not agree with it and the only way a father...

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